mikeMike Gordon

In 1963 he attended Rochdale College of Art, but with sound advice from his parents, he soon settled into a real job as an engineer. It wasn't until 1983 that he started his freelance career as an illustrator.

In 1993 he escaped the gray climes of England and moved to California where he works harder than ever, providing for his four hungry kids and complaining about his poor pale body which never sees the light of day.

His work covers a truly wide range, extending from educational and non-fiction books to entertainment and fiction. Mike's illustration now includes both design and illustration for major publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Hodder UK, Northland, Scholastic, Usborne and Haughton Mifflin. The international publication of many of the titles illustrated by Mike means his work is seen in over eighteen countries.

In addition, Mike has produced over 400 humorous greeting card designs for clients such as UKG and Hallmark.

Cartooning in his spare time has brought Mike acclaim in worldwide competitions, adding to his international reputation as a top humorous illustrator. Since 1993 he has continued his successful career based in California, USA, already gaining a nomination in the prestigious National Cartoonist Society Awards.


Carl Gordon

In November 1999 Carl went to join Mike in California to try a new technique of painting the illustrations on the computer. After a few months of trying different software and hardware, they were both finally pleased with what they could do using a watercolor technique with Corel Painter and a graphics tablet. After a year of working with Mike at his studio in California he went back to England to continue working with Mike from a small flat in Brighton, England. In 2005 Carl finally got tired of the rain and cold weather and moved to Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and daughter, still working with Mike via the use of the internet, phone and fax.

Carl has also set up his own design company in Cape Town specializing in graphic design for web and print. To see his work (this site is one example) or request a quote please visit www.cmggraphics.co.za.

Proficient with all kinds of computer software he co-ordinates the digital production of Mike's artwork. All work is now written to CD or placed on an FTP site for clients to download, please contact Carl for any questions regarding the digital side of Mike's work.